Friday, January 2, 2015

12/31 - 1/2 - Las Vegas, Zion, Moab & Arches National Park

We celebrated The New Year in Las Vegas with some shopping, a little gambling, dinner at Spago, a few drinks, and a ringside seat for the countdown and fireworks.  Pictures below.  Meanwhile the car was being range charged at the Trump International Hotel's garage electric car charging outlet.  We stayed there, so it was free!

 On the Strip early on New Year's Eve

Ringside seat for the craziness!

The crowd was ridiculous at midnight, as the casinos emptied out and the strip was closed to traffic.  Seemed more crowded that Times Square.

We left Las Vegas early on New Year's Day with a full range charge and decided to take the scenic route to Moab, Utah through Zion National Park.  It was an eventful day, as we decided to skip a Supercharger that, in hindsight, we should not have missed.  We made it with battery room to spare, but only after driving over the longest section of U.S. interstate roads that has no services - in sub-zeo weather, over three mountain passes, with no cell service in case of emergency, so after being committed, had to drive 35 mph up mountain roads with 75 mph speed limits.  If we had picked up the charge when available, we could have done 80 all the way.  Lesson learned.

We are still averaging about 400 wh/mi., not having any issues with range anxiety except the stupidity last night, but that was our fault.  We won't be skipping future Superchargers.  SO far we have travelled 1,903 miles on this trip, have used a total of 747.5 kWh, averaging 395 wh/mi.  The car received an over-air software update while in Las Vegas, and the maximum rated range has increased to 250 miles per charge.

 Driving toward Zion National Park

Zion National Park

 Snowy switchbacks - the new 4wd works great.

 Waiting at the 1-mile long tunnel.  What did that ranger do deserve this assignment?

Entering the tunnel on Zion's main road.

 After a long 189.6-mile late night stretch between the Beaver, UT Supercharger and the Green River, UT Supercharger, over massive mountains in sub-zero (negative 4 degrees).  At the top of the last pass we did not have enough miles left, but by the bottom, and regenerated enough that we arrived in Green River with 27 miles left.  Above we've arrived at the Moab, UT Supercharger, conveniently located at our hotel for two nights (Best Western Canyonlands).

 Today's adventure was all local, mostly in Arches National Park - more hiking, less driving.

Arches NP entrance road

Following are unlabelled pictures from today's three hikes in Arches.  It was freezing all day.  Also below is a picture of the new Tesla off-roading, sort of.

 iPhone's panorama mode is excellent.

 Snowy gravel road in Arches NP.

Note the sign.  We went about a mile up this road before it became a jeep-only road.  The car suspension was set on the extra-high setting, and the snow was no problem.  However, big rocks are too much for a car.

Leaving Arches NP near dusk.  Tomorrow we head to Snowmass for a couple days of snowshoeing.

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  1. I've been on a 3.5 month 10’000 miles road trip in the us (I live in Switzerland) and this part of the USA was one of my favorite. The colors are just amazing. Thx for sharing those breathtaking pictures with us.